Harmony Post

Harmony Post

Silsilah Dialogue Movement commemorates special occasions and events in its life by planting harmony posts in public places, as a symbol and reminder that all people, Muslims and Christians, are called and challenged to be men and women of dialogue, harmony and peace. The post prominently carries the greeting “Peace be with you”. This greeting will be also written in Arabic and in the local language of the place where the post will be planted. The message will be: “Moving Together towards a Culture of Dialogue for Harmony, Solidarity and Peace” and ” Let us build a civilization of the common good”.


Dialogue among peoples of different cultures and religions is a sign of the time.

Today the great challenge is to answer to this sign. Some base their answer om economy, development and other needs of society that can help people in the process of globalization.

Silsilah, as a Dialogue Movement, believes in dialogue as an answer to God’s dialogue to humanity and it is committed to promote dialogue starting from the human and spiritual aspirations of people of different cultures and religions.

Thus, Silsilah envisions a life-in-dialogue as a foundation and style of life that guides humanity to a process of harmonization when peoples are challenged to move together with the richness of their own identity.

These are the basic points that’s inspired Silsilah to give a new answer to the need of dialogue promoting the HARMONY POST.

It is a post with a shape of pyramid where in in each of the four sides is indicated the main points of earth: south, north, east, west to remind us that from each part of the world peoples of different cultures and religious are invited to move together a culture of dialogue for harmony, solidarity and peace. In the center part of the post is the Arabic and English greeting: “Peace be with you”. In fact, The HARMONY POST is a sign and a mark to indicate the way of Peace. This sign will remind the need of dialogue inspired by Gods dialogue and by people of different cultures and religions who have lived and died promoting harmony, solidarity and peace as pilgrims in dialogue.

The first HARMONY POST will be placed in the Harmony Village on the occasion of the 5th ULAMA-BISHOP DIALOGUE held in the Oasis of Dialogue, Sinunuc, Zamboanga City, November 8, 1997. 


Harmony Post at R.T. Lim Boulevard, Zamboanga City (click photo to view the article of the Harmony Post)