Harmony Chain Initiative from Mindanao to the World

 is a special interfaith initiative of meditation and prayer for dialogue and peace from Mindanao to the world. It is a spiritual chain of peoples of different cultures and religions responding to God’s dialogue with humanity to sustain our cry for peace. When the Philippine Government through then President Joseph Estrada declared “total war” in Mindanao in the year 2000 as a solution to the Moro problem, the Movement’s quiet response was expressed in the slogan “Cry Peace with Your Life-in-Dialogue.The Harmony Prayer Initiative is: AN INTER-FAITH INITIATIVE OF MEDITATION AND PRAYER FOR DIALOGUE AND PEACE. A SPIRITUAL CHAIN OF PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT CULTURES AND RELIGIONS. A RESPONSE TO GOD’S DIALOGUE WITH HUMANITY TO SUSTAIN OUR CRY FOR PEACE.

Individuals, groups, and communities from different religions within and outside the country can become part of this “chain” by committing to specific time of the day to meditate or pray for peace. The goal is that every moment of the 24 hours of the day, some persons, groups or communities all over the world are united in prayer for peace. The much needed impetus came when a director and a coordinator volunteered to give full time on this activity. At present, the membership has grown from local to international level and regular communication and links are maintained through its monthly newsletter “IN-TOUCH” and “ Legame di Pace” (in Italian).

The Silsilah Dialogue Movement promotes and pursues dialogue and it recognizes four pillars of dialogue: with God, with the self, with others and with creation. But what is dialogue with God but prayer?

The different religious traditions that we follow may have taught us different ways of praying. Nevertheless we all understand that prayer is our spoken or unspoken address to God, to praise Him, to give Him thanks and to petition Him for help in our need.

                When we pray and when we know that others too are praying with us we are strengthened in our heart and soul. It is very heartwarming to know that someone who may be praying what I am praying but in another language, is addressing God as I am. I not only bond with God but also those who I know are praying the same prayer that I am praying. This is the rationale for the Harmony Chain Initiative.