Silsilah Forum Iligan together with the St. Michaels Cathedral Parish Apostolates and Ministries, headed by Sr. Bing Borromeo, MSM spearheaded the Dialogue & Peace Forum last February 5, 2017 at the Cathedral Conference Hall. The event was participated by catechists, lay ministers, diocesan youth, religious nuns and some friends.

The activity started by praying the Harmony Prayer Song . Right after, Sr. Bing explained the rationale behind the activity while Liezl Neri, the forum coordinator, gave a background of World Interfaith Harmony Week Celebration.

The participants praying the harmony prayer

The video, “Silsilah: A Link to the Almighty” was shown and captured the interest of the participants. Then, selected members of the forum, Elmer Palahang, Ludivina Lagrio, Seddik  Magadapa, Nassareen Macarambon & Liezl Neri , shared their  Silsilah journey and their stories of life in dialogue.  Of course, there was an open forum wherein the participants were given time to ask questions. Others shared their reflections and personal experiences, also.

Ms. Jorelien Tupag, a diocesan catechist who is very much active in promoting dialogue and peace, also shared her experiences during the activity.

The activity ended with an overwhelming response from the participants. And they’re looking forward to having future collaborations with Silsilah because they saw the need of a Dialogue and Peace Forum like this.






Last February 7, 2017, Silsilah Forum Iligan in partnership with the Handmaids of the Lord Prison Ministry conducted a psycho-social activity to address the psycho-emotional and spiritual needs of the inmates.

World Interfaith Harmony Week 2017 “Celebrating Life in the Spirit of Mercy & Compassion” Silsilah Forum-Iligan in partnership with the Handmaids of the Lord Prison Ministry Jail Visitation (Women’s Correctional)

The activity was attended by Iligan City Jail women detainees, including volunteers. We started the activity by praying the Harmony Prayer. Then Ma’am Beth Mogato, Handmaids of the Lord leader, introduced us. Then there was an introduction of what the World Interfaith Harmony Week is all about. Afterwards, the women inmates were given focus group discussion activity wherein they’re asked to draw two objects that represent their lives before and now. Right after, they’re are asked individually to explain the objects on their drawings. You can’t help but be emotional of their beautiful sharing. The activity was able to integrate their personal experiences with God who continually dialogue Himself  to them through their circumstances and life experiences inside the prison cell.  They’re able to gain hope and peace of mind for the future.

The lady inmates of Iligan City Jail actively participated during the prayer.