Why Harmony Prayer for Peace?

Why Harmony Prayer for Peace?

We believe in peace through a spiritual approach. Peace starts from God because peace is a gift from God. The work for peace is a work entrusted by God to all humankind, whatever race, culture, religion, level of education. Solidarity and development are also essential to build peace. We want to start from the spiritual values of each people and religion for a more sustainable peace.

Where there is lack of faith in God, an absence of a spiritual dimension, there is also lack of comprehension and harmony. Tension, division, violence, conflict in the families, in the community, among friends, among societies and nations will surely follow.

Prayer for peace is good, but not enough! “The goal of peace on earth will come not without some personal pain. But the effort to make peace in our homes, in our personal relationships and at work, puts flesh and bones on prayers for peace”.

Multi-Religious Leaders reciting the Harmony Prayer together with the 2013 Zamboanga siege victims.

To pray for peace is demanding and at the same time transforming our lives. If we are unwilling to work to help peace break out in our homes and in our lives, then why should we surprised that our prayers for peace seem to go unheard by God?

The Harmony Prayer is an answer or a prevention to a conflict. Reconciliation is necessary after a conflict to build peace. To live in dialogue and harmony with God, self, the others and creation is the way to avoid conflicts! Therefore, let us not wait for war to think about peace! Accumulating offences, hurts, unforgiveness will only escalate conflicts and accompanying terrible damages. Accumulating seeds of understanding, patience, attention to the needs of the others, sharing, solidarity, etc…will preserve in families, working places and communities. Let us work for peace through dialogue if we don’t want war!

HC is not only in the context of Christian-Muslim dialogue. HC is not only in the context of Christian-Muslim dialogue; it is also in the context of every intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. We need dialogue in the life of couples, among families, among communities (whether civil or religious), among groups and movements, in a pluralistic society with many nationalities living together in our global village.

Dialogue for better understanding is a present necessity of our world. Peace of heart above all, peace in the family to avoid conflicts.