The United Nations Interfaith Harmony Partners- Zamboanga (UNI-HP-Z)

The United Nations Interfaith Harmony Partners- Zamboanga (UNI-HP-Z)

Partners are groups or institutions willing to be part of the WIHW promising to offer any possible form of support and involvement. Each partner can be represented by three persons as members to represent their own group.
The goals of the group are:

• Maintain alive the spirit of the World Interfaith Harmony Week and;
• Develop harmony and solidarity among partners.

Each of the partner group is free to continue pursuing its own objectives as a group but will work with other partners in implementing activities for the World Interfaith Harmony Week celebration every year and meet along the year to renew the spirit of the WIHW, deciding, if needed and agreed, help each other in other events along the year guided by the spirit of the WIHW.

Funding of the activities undertaken during the World Interfaith Harmony Week is the responsibility of each sponsoring group, unless explicitly agreed by the partners to have a different

Silsilah Dialogue Movement is in charge of the UN I-HP– Z
Represented by :
♦ Convenor- Fr. Sebastiano D’Ambra , PIME
♦ Christian Coordinator – Atty. Arsenio L. Gonzalez, Jr.
♦ Muslim Coordinator – Atty. Moh. Taha S. Arakama
♦ Secretary – Elizabeth L. Solis, EDC

The different Partners of the World interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) linked to Silsilah through the Silsilah Forum areas in Mindanao and Manila area will gather in Zamboanga sometimes in May inviting also other groups and partners who have celebrated the WIHW in 2018. It will be a gatherings of selected partners from Zamboanga City and other areas of the Philippines. It will be a time of evaluation and planning together for a better coordination and mutual support.